BANNED for being too good. SEVERAL times!
so could i please get an TS ip? you could also join my ts. i just want to solve this Situation in a civilized manner

Some new information has come to light and it looks like you nay be the victim of an Imposter pretending to be you.

Due to this new information we will give you a second chance and remove the ban.

But be aware...We will be watching.


was it xTeo0Zz or something like that? ;) since i got to know him already because he faked me... i kicked myself while he faked me...

you dont need to worry in terms of behaviour. and im everything but racist ^^ and thats why i wanted to TALK to someone...

and also FUKU means fortune in japanese :)

福 (fuku): luck; fortune

-> first result:

Signature of FUKU STEAM:
ôo just because my name is japanese doesnt mean i can speak that language xD because i cant^^ im german :D

Signature of FUKU STEAM:
Your name could mean anything in any language but if we find it offensive we will kick you.

So you know.

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